IFA Testimonials



Craig Walker

Immediately prior to joining Westminster Wealth Management: 

Fifteen years private client experience.

RI of a small IFA firm with the same management structure since joining Financial Services.

Excellent client retention.

Taking care to always set client expectations and delivering a service consistently above those expectations. 

Principle reasons for leaving and joining Westminster Wealth Management: 

Previous firm closing down (in an orderly fashion).

Primary concerns about joining:

Client transition.

Securing long-term, self-employed contract that protected client ownership.

Potential to end up out-of-kilter with the values of a new home.

Working two geographical areas and having strict constraints around childcare responsibilities, thereby limiting some of my engagement with the London office.

Thoughts and reflections on last year:

If my previous firm had not announced it would be closing down I would not probably have moved regardless of how excellent Westminster Wealth Management may have seemed - I always imagined that the disruption would be too painful. 

In fact, I was helped through that transition by Westminster Wealth Management with the result that 100% of my clients moved with me in a very orderly fashion.

My production levels are already exceeding the previous twelve months by a significant margin.

I had several options, one of which was from a firm local to me in Exeter which offered a greater level of income / fees generated. 

The selection process at Westminster Wealth Management really focused on my values not on my production, clients or on my skill-set.

In turn, this allowed me to really look under the bonnet of what makes Westminster Wealth Management tick. 

Furthermore, it was stressed that as long as I could demonstrate my immersion in the culture at Westminster Wealth Management and commit to engaging with the London office where possible then Westminster Wealth Management were happy to support my two-centred work life. 

I absolutely loved the people at my old firm, but we were saddled with the pressures of being part of a traditional IFA practice. 

The depth of skill and support on offer at Westminster Wealth Management means that the scope of services I can now provide to my clients is greatly enhanced. 

I could not have been made to feel more welcome and I simply love that feeling of being 'part of'.

My drive to learn is back, as is the desire to radically increase my production levels.

My income has seen a significant up-tick in my first year of trading with Westminster Wealth Management and it is on track to do so again in the coming twelve and twenty four months.

I have no doubt that my short, medium and long-term futures have been greatly enhanced by my decision to join Westminster Wealth Management.