IFA Testimonials


Danny McFarlane



A financial planner who never compromises on service levels or standards. The number one performer at Westminster Wealth Management with a deep understanding of the financial advisory industry.

Immediately prior to joining Westminster Wealth Management: 

Director and founder of a directly regulated firm comprising three Regulated Individuals, one other fellow shareholder, a full time compliance officer and a nuclear administration team. They operated successfully with a turnover greater than £1 Million.

Principle reasons for winding down business and joining Westminster Wealth Management: 

1. Poorly remunerated for the aggregate levels of stress, hours and risk of running a practice.

2. Unable to secure the very best talent around him.

3. High levels of stress and a poor work-life balance. 

Primary concerns about joining:

Letting go of a perceived control and directorial status. 

Anticipated transitional pain - ensuring zero negative client impact, how much enforced down-time etc.

Own words - Highs and lows of the first year:

Impossible to translate all that has happened in the course of the last 18 months onto an A4 piece of paper. 

Suffice to say that my lowest point of this year has been better than my highest point of the year before!

I had not appreciated the freedom that I could enjoy by reverting to a 100% focus on my clients. I can fulfil all of my client servicing needs within manageable time frames and those clients now have access to all of the deep expertise that Westminster Wealth Management has to offer in areas that I had previously had to pass out to 3rd parties. 

Not only am I able to extract far more income than I did as a directly authorised principal but I have far more time with my family and to myself.

Most importantly I am free of the 101 things on my mind (over which I had no control) which served to disturb the quality of that family time. 

Lastly I am just starting to give input into the areas of Westminster Wealth Management about which I am passionate. In this way I can exert control of direction in areas that matter most to me and to which I bring the most value. 

I really do feel that I have ended up with the best of both worlds.