The value of money - learning the hard way!

How do you teach the value of money?

Well I was signed up at age thirteen for a paper round - it was a morning and night round, for six days a week - I earned a total of £7.50! What did that buy me? Very little!

One piece of cheap makeup? Two Big Mac meals, if I was lucky.

All those early starts and having to go out after school for £7.50. I very quickly understood how money feels, how hard it is to make and it ignited an ambition to quickly find a way to earn more for doing less!

When I was 15 I was able to get a Saturday job, eight hours on my feet in a discount shop in Hull City Centre (again no mean feat!). My earning capacity increased plus I could get up later during the week, I could chill out after school and it was sociable, to start with I earned £18 - a much better return on my time.

I quickly learned new lessons; when you earn £2.50 an hour you can't spend £3 on lunch - it takes an hour and 20 minutes of labelling underwear to earn that...but I could go out on a Saturday night and have some drinks and a dance. It was my own money; I'd worked hard for it!

So how do we teach children about money - first things first - they need to understand the value of it, how hard you have to work to earn it and how you feel when you waste it. It's the start of a financial journey but an easy lesson, a great way to teach hard work, be social, engage with the public and aspire to earn more... what's the down side?