List Your Property By March 17th

According to new research, in order to improve your chances of selling your property, March 17th is an important deadline for the wider UK market.

The month of June has been recorded as the peak period for property sales based on last year's data, compiled by the Estate Agent Emoov.

Given that the average number of days to sell a home is 96, March 17th signals the necessary time needed in order to hit the June peak period.

However, depending on the region in which you live, the optimum listing date changes due to the fact that the average time to sell differs between different regions.

In London for example, the peak time for sales transactions is in June, however, homes take longer to sell meaning that the optimum date is earlier in the year, on the 24th of February.

Another region with a longer than average sale time is Swansea, with a time of 110 days on average. This pushes the optimum date to the 25th of February in order to hit the June peak period.

Cardiff and Derby are regions in which properties sell more quickly, 86 days on average, meaning that March 21st is the deadline in those regions.

Sellers in Bristol can wait until June 15th, as properties only take 61 days to sell on average and the market peaks in August rather than June.

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