Home-ownership Crisis!

Home-ownership in England's urban fringes have suffered the most according to recent research.

A 15.9% fall in the proportion of people that own their own homes has been recorded since 2001 in areas described as 'other urban' by the Office for National Statistics.

Declines of 33.8% in Slough and 26% in Lincoln illustrate this trend. Great Yarmouth, Tunbridge Wells and Lancaster are examples of rural areas, which according to Shelter, the charity, have seen a decline of 15.8% in home-ownership.

Families in rural areas have a lower chance of getting  on the property ladder according to think tank IPPR, due to the fact that only one in ten rural properties are affordable, contrasting with the rate of one in five in urban areas.

An increase in the number of renters of 12.2% was recorded in rural locations, such as South Norfolk and Devon according to Shelter's research. This is paired with an 11.2% decline in residents that are also home owners.

London and the North East were the regions that had the highest increases in the number of renters according to the same research, registering increases of 18% and 20% respectively.

Polly Neate of Shelter said:

"The housing market is shifting beneath our feet. More and more people are being forced to stay in the private rented sector, which is both expensive and unstable. This ‘rentquake’ is not just confined to cities but is spreading to market towns and suburbs across England too.  

"Politicians of all stripes must now sit up and take notice of this data, and think about what they can offer renters in their area at the next election.”


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