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March/april 2019

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Smart Money March/April 2019 - As we continue into 2019 with the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, we look to de-mystify the ever-changing landscape of the financial world.

January/february 2019

Smart Money January/February 2019 - The start of 2019 is the optimum time when you may be thinking about resolutions and plans for the year ahead and beyond. It’s a good time to start planning our tax affairs before the end of the tax year on 5th April.

November/december 2018

Smart Money November/December 2018 - As a parent, guardian or grandparent, you’ll want to provide the best future for your children or grandchildren that you can. Christmas is an excellent time to encourage children to start thinking about the value of money.

september/october 2018

Smart Money September/October 2018 - Retirement planning is becoming more complex than ever before and keeping all of your assets in cash may not be the ideal solution for your circumstances. Certainly, a nuanced approach with a careful consideration of cash should be in order when addressing your retirement plans.

July/august 2018

Smart Money July/August 2018 - This edition focuses on ISA rules and Inheritance Tax, averting a later-life financial crisis and protecting you and your family's finances.

May/June 2018

Smart Money May/June 2018 - Estate planning is an essential part of a well rounded long-term financial plan, but the rules can become especially complicated. If you are struggling to wrap your head around your options, read through this issue of Smart Money and speak to your advisor today. 

March/April 2018

Smart Money March/April 2018 - Whether you are looking to create, protect or preserve your wealth for future generations, inside this issue we look at areas you may wish to discuss with us.


Smart Money January/February 2018 - We believe passionately that the best service is provided through personal, face-to-face advice. Our range of services is extensive, supported by a distinctive approach to investment management, enabling you to create financial plans that can adapt to your changing needs and circumstances.

September/October 2017

Smart Money September/October 2017 - Will you be one of the six million workers who will have to work an extra year before retiring after the Government announced that it would be extending the retirement age to 68?

July/August 2017

Smart Money July/August 2017 - Inside this issue we focus on the recent currency fluctuations as well as articles about the so called 'pension time bomb' and why investors need to keep focused on long-term financial goals.

May/june 2017

Smart Money May/June 2017 - The news has recently been full of stories about Brexit, Article 50, inflation and how some key announcements from Spring Budget 2017 could impact on our finances. 

March/April 2017

Smart Money March/April 2017 - This issue features articles written to help you make the most of your hard earned money and achieve your long-term financial security.

January/February 2017

Smart Money January/February 2017 - Start the new year with clear knowledge of the financial opportunities available. The U.S. election has also caused some financial waves, which is also covered within.

November/December 2016

Smart Money November/December 2016 - In a changing political landscape that is strongly affecting markets, having professional financial advice is an essential. This edition of our Smart Money magazine covers professional advice, pension consolidation and planning for long term sickness.

September / October 2016

Smart Money September/October 2016 - This edition of our Smart Money magazine focuses on the latest in pension reforms, navigating the post-Brexit landscape, and understanding whether university costs are making your retirement planning untenable.

July / August 2016

Smart Money July/August 2016 - The July/August edition of our Smart Money magazine deals primarily with the changes to retirement that have been happening, and will continue to happen over the next several years. There are also important articles about crowdfunding, reviewing your pension and investment in alternative assets.

May / jUNE 2016

Smart Money May/June 2016 - The May/June edition of our Smart Money magazine deals primarily with the impact and implications of the 'Brexit' referendum. There are also important articles about the new LISA, the abolition of tax credit on dividends and the changes to the State Pension.