With experts in every field Westminster Wealth Management can cater for every financial need, with global insight and extremely thorough compliance and evaluation of all investment platforms, we look at the whole of the market to provide bespoke advice based on your circumstances, goals and objectives. We can offer our services to individuals, corporations and many others.

Broadly, our services can be categorised as below, although many clients engage us on several services simultaneously. 


Ensuring that your finances work for you. We consider the whole of market to find the perfect investment for your circumstances. 

Retirement Planning

This should be a lifelong endeavour, but if you have left it slightly late or are just getting started we can help you find a perfect solution.

Tax Efficient Investing

Investing in certain enterprises and funds could come with a tax allowance, and could make significant improvements to your tax liability. 

Cashflow Forecasting

Tracking and predicting finances across your lifetime can be difficult, so we use available data to forecast your cashflow throughout life, helping you retire, pay for school fees, and pay off the mortgage.

Mortgages And Lending

Going direct can often get you a worse deal. Our independent brokers leverage their relationships with lenders to ensure your get the best value mortgage over the best term. 


Insurance can go much further than just car, house and travel. We can offer key man insurance, income insurance and more. We will also keep your premiums to a minimum necessary, allowing you to scale the protection you pay for to suit.

Corporate Services & Employee Benefits

If you are an employer there are certain benefits and services you have to provide. If you need help organising a pension for your firm, or aid in deciding what benefits to offer and how to keep costs to a minimum, we can help. 

Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

It's often the largest tax bill at the most unfortunate moment, but inheritance tax can be managed throughout your life and mitigated hugely with careful planning and solid advice.