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Lucie Gee

Immediately prior to joining Westminster Wealth Management: 

  • SIPP and SSAS specialist dealing with business owners and complex pension planning.
  • Employed financial adviser at a large pension trustee firm with in-house DFM capabilities.

Principle reasons for leaving: 

  • Restricted advice model grated against my inclination towards independence
  • Charging model that I personally struggled to reconcile with the value I attributed to the service offered
  • Poorly paid and under-valued
  • Building a future for someone else, not myself
  • Future control of work / life balance. Being constrained to a model that I felt would not allow me to have both a family and a career. 

Primary concerns about joining:

  • Lack of clients. Would any of my previous clients seek me out and want to deal with me post non-solicitation and non-dealing period?
  • Would my introducers want to engage with me?
  • Would I be as good as I thought I could be?
  • Money?

Thoughts and reflections on my first year:

  • I was promised zero introductions by the managing partner at Westminster Wealth but their introductions have made up around 50% of my revenue in year one.
  • I assumed no clients would follow me but have been pleasantly surprised at the number who have sought me out!
  • I've had amazing input. This is undoubtedly a 'doing' business, but the power of osmosis should not be disregarded. You progress professionally just by being immersed in an advisory surrounding where excellence is the norm. Individuals who have decades of experience in my own field and also through the many advisers who offer complementary skill sets.
  • Personally, I've also benefited significantly from the on-site mentoring program. 
  • My annualised earnings will have nearly doubled by the end of my first eighteen months from my previous employment and that trajectory is set to continue. This is an aside from a far better quality of life and positive outlook. 
  • My clients now receive a better service with exposure to a greater depth of experience across a wider range of areas. All of this comes at a significantly reduced price than I was used to – which adds to my satisfaction and ability to feel like I’m adding great value to my clients lives.
  • In short I find myself more confident, fitter, healthier and wealthier. My path is of my own making and something to be genuinely excited about.

If you are reading this and in any doubt as to its authority then please do not hesitate to either call or email me.